Self-Sailing Electric Boats
We develop innovation-driven self-sailing electric boats,
sophisticated AI-driven autopilot systems
with seamless autonomous control via VR or mobile phone

What We Develop

In Macho Yachts, we develop highly advanced electric boats with a sophisticated AI-driven autopilot system allowing seamless autonomous control via VR or mobile phone.

Yes, it is like Starship, but on water.

From the concept to completion, Macho Yachts are innovation-driven, professionally built electric boats with outstanding performance thanks to the latest marine technologies and finest modern materials, in combination with our forward-thinking methodologies, engineering expertise, and careful attention to detail.

Delivery of mail-sized parcels compatible with delivery robots
Delivery of small containers to reduce the cost of the last mile

The Problem

Unlike land transport, water transport is developing more slowly and we would like to cover part of the market needs with our project. We believe that unmanned boats can be offered to the market, initially for the transportation of small volumes of cargo. To reduce the level of pollution of water bodies to 0 we remove dependence on the human factor, reduce logistics costs, using green technologies. As the project develops and in case of success with the use of new technologies, we will be able to offer more capacious watercraft with a longer range. We are also planning now to reduce the cost of the «last mile» of logistics and enable courier services to connect delivery by water. Using our smart berths, we will offer the market new opportunities to expand its activities

The Solution

We bet you've never seen an innovation-driven self-sailing electric boat, equipped with sophisticated AI-driven autopilot systems and seamless autonomous control via VR or mobile phone.

That's what Macho Yachts came here for. We develop highly advanced electric boats equipped with a sophisticated autopilot system, among many other features. From concept to completion, Macho Yachts are innovation-driven, custom-built sailboats that show outstanding performance using the latest marine technologies and finest modern materials, in combination with our forward-thinking methodologies, engineering expertise, and careful attention to detail.


Smart Docking

We are planning to develop a unique smart docking capability as an additional feature of the vessel. That would allow users to safely and easily dock their Macho Yachts in any weather conditions (think strong winds), and challenging (e.g. constrained) spaces with the highest level of precision. This feature is beneficial to both seasoned sailors, and those that are just learning to navigate and dock their boats. As with other settings, users will be able to control the automated docking feature via their mobile apps just by entering the required coordinates and preferences into the system. Once this step is done, the boat will navigate to the specified location with an in-built auto-pilot and subsequently dock using multiple sensors installed on both the vessel and the dock itself.

An App-Controlled Autopilot System

Macho Yachts will be equipped with state-of-art navigation technologies that allow users to safely and seamlessly sail in any environment and setting.

More benefits:

  • Cut costs on fuel;
  • Get to your final destination faster.

What’s more, Macho Yacht’s advanced autopilot features will be designed to help users sail in the most challenging weather conditions. Our built-in smart technologies will allow boats to proactively steer, accelerate, and brake-based on external factors, with absolutely no human assistance.

Navigation on autopilot is carried out via a mobile application. Your app prompts you to choose your preferred route, and then seamlessly controls your yacht based on your set preferences until the final destination is reached, allowing you to focus on other things.

The Macho Yacht mobile app unifies your boat’s systems and control panel in one single dashboard view, allowing you to easily manage your navigation from point A to point B just by using your smartphone.

With advanced cameras, sensors, and computing power, your yacht can find and automatically navigate the most optimal routes that will save you costs, and time, every time.

Blockchain Technology

The absolute idea is to integrate our service with Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), a protocol that enables the secure functioning of a decentralized digital database. Distributed networks eliminate the need for a central authority to keep a check against manipulation. DLT is more commonly known as blockchain technology.

Such integration will help to establish and register the movement of boats in the blockchain, which will display information about the location of the boat and cargo in real-time. At the same time, such data cannot be changed or faked. Thus, the client and a service provider will always know where the cargo is in each unit of time.

Macho Yachts in Practice

So, how do you start your Macho Yacht? It’s simple as one, two, three:

  • Load your cargo onto the boat
  • Ensure the power reserve is full
  • Set your desired route via your mobile application

Your mobile app will then calculate the accurate time of the trip and display the GPS coordinates of your watercraft in real-time. And when your boat reaches the desired destination, the system will automatically notify several parties of your choice with a text message if you’ve selected this option in the settings.

AI-Driven Autonomous Technologies

How does it work?

Macho Yachts’ self-navigation system will take data from the boats’ sensors and pair it with other information sources, such as GPS, radars, weather charts, and video cameras to guide the yachts on the safest and most optimal routes. Using its in-built artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, each boat will be programmed to detect and proactively avoid any object it perceives on its route, such as ships and boats, floating debris, buoys, etc. Not only that but Macho Yachts will also be designed to understand and predict how such objects move or behave to safely navigate around them. The boats will intelligently scan their surroundings using a variety of in-built sensors, and later on, feed that information into its AI-based system to generate sophisticated algorithms.

And More...

Macho Yachts are going to be built with sustainability in mind. This means our boats are to be designed and developed only using sustainable materials and environmentally-friendly methods that contribute to zero harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Macho yachts will run on electric motors. In addition to that, we are planning to install solar panels on each boat to ensure alternative energy sources. This implementation will strengthen the yacht’s durability and mileage as each boat can be ridden for weeks after a full recharge. Like all modern ships, Macho Yachts are to be equipped with radars and will be visible on all marine navigation maps, to ensure compliance and safety. At this time, we’re developing a prototype that uses a gasoline/diesel engine, however a plan to switch that model to an electric motor is underway.

Current Status

At the moment, there is a prototype boat with 4 m X 1.5 m accommodations only with the main systems – 2 main electric engines, with steering gears, GPS sensors, anemometer, rumbometer, thruster, developed software for local and remote control.


Originally Scandinavian countries.
B2B and B2C.
Exit strategy — marketing via the Internet, working with local shops selling boats.
Participation in exhibitions and presentation at various events related to water vehicles.
Usually, companies bringing something new to the market collect databases of those interested in this product and actively maintain social networks and send mailings, which maintain interest and bring the date to market closer, by which time there is already a list of potential partners. Our goal is to achieve the lowest possible financial investment in marketing, ensuring the demand that we can meet according to our productivity. Our buyers should become our marketers and ambassadors.

Meet Our Team

The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and make our clients happy
  • Rinat Sultanov
    business organization, marketing, team building, MVP launch
  • Maksim Dmitriev
    CTO of Manufacturing and Engineering
    Development of drawings, technical documentation, test program, equipment development, and organization of the production process.
  • Nikita Gurov
    Head of IT
    Software team management. Development of backend, navigation algorithms and AI computer vision analysis.
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